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Lone Wolf Gone Wrong


Shinjiro Aragaki
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Ex roleplay account for freeand_freedom, now for using at the smtdressingroom. The [IC/OOC] general interaction post is here.

- Name: Shinjiro Aragaki
- Age: 18 Now 19
- Gender: Male
- Series: Persona 3
- Birthday: August 11th
- Mun: daniela_lynx

Also known as Shinji, Sempai, That Hobo In The Corner, and the Axe Madman when money for ramen is runnin' short and he has to go asking around for public contribution :D

También conocido como Shinji, Sempai, Ese Flaite de Por Allá, y El Loco del Hacha cuando la plata para el ramen es escasa y debe salir a pedir colaboración pública :D

Still no decent profile in English. I have a lot of translation to do.

Los Stats funcionan como perfil decente, pero contienen spoilers para la luna de Octubre.


Notes: I try to play my Shinjiro as closest to canon as possible. If you have any suggestions and/or concrit, I'll be glad to know. Language tips are specially welcome, since the mun is ESL and Shinji uses a lot of slang.

As a peculiarity: This Shinji is a post October 4th one, but he was brought back and trapped in a similar universe (freeand_freedom's castle) before coming to the Velvet Mall.

akihiko, animales, bringin' bitches to yardz, cabezazos flaites, cocinar, droga experimental suicida, expiar crímenes accidentales, gorro de asaltante, hacerse el rudo, hachas, koromaru, lenguaje soez, macheza, not s.e.e.s., ownage of lamers, ramen, self-destruction, ser rudo, ser un hobo, tch, vivir en la periferia